Jareb Nott


Jareb and Petra developed and currently teach a course titled Engage your Destiny, which is designed as a guide to help people discover God's purpose for their lives. Utilizing learning principles, they uncover the talents, spiritual gifts, and passions that shine a light on the unique person God created each person to be.


Jareb currently teaches a deliverance ministry training school alongside Becca Greenwood and Doris Wagner. Their goal is to equip churches and ministries across the nation with effective deliverance ministry and enable them to set the captives free.


Jareb and Petra are currently teaching and writing on the topic of the science of deliverance. This teaching is an in-depth study showing how receiving spiritual freedom sets us free physically and mentally using scientific evidence to demonstrate scripture's truth.


Jareb loves to travel, teach, and minister deliverance, but his first ministry is to his family. Jareb and Petra are currently raising three beautiful children, Joash, Judah, and Moriah, to be kingdom ambassadors themselves.


Jareb has spoken at numerous venues and churches and has taught fruitfully for the last ten years in ministry. Currently, Jareb is the lead teacher at Christian Harvest Training Center, an apostolic center in Colorado founded and led by Becca and Greg Greenwood.


Jareb has appeared on Becca Greenwood's show, Reigning in Life, on ISN.  

They are current, active members of the International Society of Deliverance Ministers.


Jareb and Petra have authored one book and are currently working on another.

  • Engage Your Destiny - published

  • The Science of Deliverance – in progress


Jareb Nott is co-founder of Engage Deliverance & Training.

Beginning in early childhood, Jareb knew of the call from God on his life. Growing up, Jareb was keenly aware of God's voice and would frequently engage Jesus in conversation, both in prayer and casually.


At the age of 8, Jareb was caught up to Heaven, where he had a vivid encounter with Jesus himself and the angels. Following Paul's account in 2 Corinthians 12:2-4, Jareb suddenly found himself standing in Heaven. For an unknown amount of time, Jesus and Jareb had an amazing conversation in the throne room, much of which is to be revealed to him when the time is appropriate. Some have already been revealed and is the basis of current ministry focuses. Jareb was changed by this encounter and continues to use his time as a testimony of the glory of God both in his life and the life of others.


Over the last decade, Jareb and his wife Petra have operated both in the ministry of deliverance and as biblical teachers in ministry. Jareb and Petra were mentored in deliverance ministry by Bill Sudduth and Rebecca Greenwood. Together, they desire to see people set free from demonic oppression and have seen thousands of people set free through active deliverance ministry and dynamic teachings.

Petra Nott

Petra grew up in a Christian home and gave her life to the Lord at an early age. While her love for him was always sincere, she had prioritized intellectual over the experiential understanding of God. That suddenly shifted in her late twenties after having two visions that immediately came to pass. The visions came out of the blue and shook her, driving her to step out of her box and search for understanding of what she had experienced. At her mother’s invitation to accompany her to a prophetic training conference, she said yes! There, she was prophesied over with such accuracy that it left her stunned by the depth of God’s love; she immediately became filled with the Holy Spirit and eager for more encounters with Him. This encounter changed the trajectory of her life.


Petra and her mom Treon developed and taught a prophetic class called Climbing in the Kingdom, which ran for three years and trained men and women from many local churches.

In that season, Petra and her husband, Jareb, were both working in corporate training.  At God’s prompting, they brought that skill set into the ministry arena, pairing biblical teaching with practical, hands-on training. They co-authored a book called “Engage Your Destiny: Activating God’s Plan for Your Life” and launched a ministry together. They are in the process of co-authoring a second book, “The Science of Deliverance,” which explores the biblical connection and correlating scientific evidence between spiritual healing, emotional healing, and physical healing.

In 2010, Petra answered God’s calling into deliverance ministry by volunteering with Righteous Acts Ministries under Bill and Janet Sudduth, where she received life-changing ministry and hands-on training to minister to others. Her husband, Jareb, soon joined her, and they served in that capacity for years. They later began to volunteer under Rebecca Greenwood’s ministry, Christian Harvest International, where they were mentored, ordained and eventually asked to take over direct leadership of the deliverance teams.

All of these components became invaluable in fighting a 12-year battle with infertility; being able to hear God’s voice, contend against the enemy, and contend for God’s promises culminated in the miracle of three beautiful children! Petra is currently writing a book focused on sharing biblical tools with couples who are battling infertility.

Petra has been married to Jareb for 22 years, and they run their ministry, “Engage Deliverance and Training” together. They have two sons, Joash and Judah, and a daughter, Moriah. She considers being a wife and mother as her first and foremost, and most rewarding calling. She loves creating art through painting and drawing, traveling, spending time in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, and relaxing with a good book.