Slavery to Sonship Prayer

(Let's pray the following prayer out loud together. We want to renounce the whole issue of the fear of submission and then we're going to come to a place where I believe God's going to come  and He is going to heal the deep wounded areas of your heart). 

Spiritual Authority 

Pray: I bring my birth parents to you father, and I come to you in the name of Jesus Christ. I want to be free. I know longer want to walk in rebellion. I don't want to walk in the fear of submission, but I want to come underneath your house, and I bring my father’s house to you, my relationship with my mother and I choose to forgive them for every way they misrepresented a father's love. I forgive them for their inability to be affectionate. 


I know that they were wounded themselves, and their response to me was out of their own pain. So, I forgive them for not being able to provide a place in their heart. I forgive them for not being gentle with me. I forgive them for not being able to be trust worthy. I choose to release them. Mom & Dad, I need to ask you to forgive me. I rebelled against being parented. I looked at your faults. I saw the pain and the weaknesses in your life, and I judged you because of that. I dishonored you in my heart and I began to close my heart to you, and I stopped receiving you. I justified it, because of your own failures, because of your own weaknesses and I don't want to go there anymore. I renounce the rebellion against your love. I renounce the rebellion against being parented by you. I know that you must have hurt so much because you saw my spirit closed to you and it left you feeling filled with guilt and shame, but you responded with anger and hurt and we just kind of took off on one another and I ask you to forgive me for closing my spirit to you. 


I choose right now to open my spirit, no longer to be controlled by fear, because if I'm resting in 

Father's love I don't need to be afraid of what you can do to me because He will be my source of affirmation. So, I release you mom and dad from the need that I have had for you to make things right with me. This isn't about you setting it right. This isn't about your faults. This is about me and the Spirit of Sonship. So, I bring you to the foot of the cross and I place the cross between you and I. Let the cross filter out every hurt, every disappointment and that only honor and love will remain. I ask you to forgive me Father God for every sin of dishonor towards my parents and I renounce all dishonor toward them. I renounce the curse that came upon my life. 


Employers (We work out all of our unhealed Father/Mother issues on our bosses and spiritual authorities in our 

life. So, let that come to mind -- what employers/spiritual authorities have you rejected or spoken against. Perhaps 

you lost your inheritance or lost promotion because you saw the faults and weaknesses in the bosses.) 



Pray: Right now, Father, I bring past employers, present employers. Father, they have their own faults and weaknesses, but the dishonor towards my own parents, has carried over into my work place and I don't want it there anymore. I want a spirit of submission and it is not based on other's behavior. It's based upon my heart attitude and so I choose to forgive those employers for every way they haven't been sensitive to my need. I forgive them for passing me over, promoting others. I forgive them for being harsh with me. I forgive them for demeaning me. I choose to forgive them for misrepresenting God's love. I renounce the rebellion that I had towards them. You created me for an inheritance and sometimes that requires suffering at the present time, requires patience, while people see the faithfulness, see the loyalty and feel my spirit towards them, that I have a heart for them in spite of their weaknesses. So, I renounce the rebellion in my work place, that as I go to work tomorrow, I'll have a new spirit, the spirit of Christ breaking forth through me – A meek and gentle spirit flowing through me. 


Spiritual Authority

Pray: (Ask the Lord to show you authorities in your life from times past and present. You might want to let one particular person, one particular circumstance come to mind and just throw every other situation in there.) 

Pray: Lord, I bring you those authorities in my life-from times past, from times present. Oh God, forgive me. I worked out my unhealed father and mother issues on spiritual authority in my life. I had ungodly beliefs in my life toward my parents and they just carried right over towards my pastor, toward leaders in the church. I don't want it there anymore. I want this broken off my life. I know people are missing the kingdom of God, because I have lacked a spirit of submission and I want the inheritance that you have promised me, the nations as my inheritance, so I give pastoral authority a gift. I choose to forgive them for every way they misrepresented God's  love. I forgive them for their own pain and their inability to nurture me, their inability to mentor me. I forgive them for not being sensitive to my need. Now, father, I've had a demand on these relationships and when I put a demand on a relationship, it becomes manipulation in my life, and I renounce that spirit of manipulation. I know longer want to try to manipulate the authorities in my life to get them to promote me or to get them to honor me. I renounce seeking the praise of man. I renounce the rebellion against authority, and I choose to forgive them. I lay them at the foot of the cross. Now, I ask you to come to me and release the spirit of sonship in me, a spirit of honor, a spirit of submission that I might come underneath authority and begin to lift them up. Show me ways to honor. Show me ways to promote them, to bless them, to cause them to succeed. As my pastors are raised in authority and go forth to the nations, I pray that they'll see the gift of God on my life, sonship. I'm tired of being a slave, so I accept the spirit of sonship right now. I renounce the stronghold of rebellion, I renounce the independence, I renounce the control, I renounce the manipulation. I receive the spirit of God, releasing the spirit of sonship in me. 


Pray: Lord, forgive me that I have lacked a spirit of sonship towards you. I wanted it my way and as long as things were my way, life with you is great. But you didn't give it to me my way because you wanted to help me find out what I was full of. I didn't like it God and I ask you to forgive me for blaming others, and for blaming you and rebelling against you. I felt more like a servant than a son and I renounce that whole slave mentality. I no longer want to be a servant in your house because you are calling me to sonship and so I receive you as my father and I choose to be your child. I receive the spirit of sonship right now. Get quiet and just settle yourself as I ask this question -- At what moment did you cease being a son or daughter? It may have been with your father, your mother -- wherever you lack sonship -- it may have been both. Let the Holy Spirit show you. 

Holy Spirit, show them where - at what moment did you cease being your mother's son or daughter or ceased being your father's son or daughter-- Show them Holy Spirit. Now let those emotions come to the forefront - get in touch with those emotions. Get in touch with the pain - that was the day you became a spiritual orphan. John 14:18 says that "I will not leave you as an orphan but I will come to you." and Psalm 27:10 "Though my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will receive me." Now look around in that memory where you are rejecting the spirit of sonship. Where was Jesus at that very moment? He had never left you nor forsaken you. Now what is Jesus saying to you? What's He doing. Since you were rejecting your Mother or Father, what was Jesus doing? Just listen to Him, let Him come. At what moment did you cease being the son or daughter. When did you lose the spirit of sonship? Show them Holy Spirit. Now the Father is wanting to come to that moment. Let Him come to you. He is wanting to restore that child at that moment to sonship, let Him come. What's He saying to you. He is wanting to comfort the pain of that moment. Let Him come to you. Where the Father and Mother forsake you, I will receive you. Let Him come. I will not leave you as an orphan, but I will come to you, I will make known my love to you in one or more of your five senses. I will make a home in you. Now make a new decision - a new choice right there. Let His love come.